Street Crane hoist

We are sole representation of the Street Crane Company for Czech Republic. We are seller of all products Street Crane and direct supplier od the spare parts.

Wire rope

The new ZX hoist generation evolved from the most rigorous application of this philosophy. The original ZX hoist which was launched 10 years ago established Street as a world leader in hoisting technology and has been the company’s best ever selling product with an unparalleled record for reliability and endurance in a vast range of applications and environments worldwide.



Trolley reaction roller avoids the need for a counter weight to increase wheel life and provides high stability of the hoist.

Heavy duty rope guide - Specially selected oil impregnated nylon material, highly resistant to breaking or permanent distortion. Spring loaded inner clamping band to prevent rope build up damaging the rope guide if the operator lowers the hook block onto an object and causes slack in the ropes.

High number of additional elements of equipment for your satisfied operation.

Torque arm safe load cut-out device (capacity restrictor) - Measures all the load the hoist mechanism is transmitting (not just the load in one or two ropes), easy to adjusted, does not reduce available height of lift, activated directly by the load, does not rely on measuring electrical current.

Component placement – easy access to key components for service, repairs or replacement of the component.

Underhung (low headroom) hoists

The construction of the hoist is assembled for low headroom. It exists two models ZX6 a ZX8, which are divided by capacity. The maximal capacity of the underhood monorail hoist is 25t.

Double girder hoists

The hoist sets are divided into two models. The first model has capacity up to 32t and the second model has capacity up to 50t.

Base mounted hoists

are used for fixed mount or special hoist set. The capacity of this hoist si up to 32 tones.

Chain hoists

the hoist, which have capacity from 125kg to 5000kg.


Sorting by type of the trolley

Powered trolley (standard headroom, low headroom), hand geared (standard headroom, low headroom), push trolley.

Sorting by number of the speeds

One/two speed electric trolley or lifting

Sorting by suspension

Eye suspension, hook suspension, trolley