Jib cranes


Construction of jib crane consists of column and arm (boom). A jib crane movements are divided into rotation of arm stroke after jib hoists and lifting hoists. All these movements can be electrical or manual. Slewing mechanism is further divided according to the range of 0-180 ° 0-270 ° 0-360 °.


Jib slewing crane, console crane, wall mobile crane


Conventional mast lifting capacity cranes are possible up to 5 tones and unloading arm 8 meters


Variant hoists that are needed only for defined space in the building. In places where there is no need to handle loads at greater distances, where there is less need to operate machines or smaller space, in places where there are spatial possibilities for jib crane.

Key benefits of solution from company REMO CZ

  • All solutions according to client requirements
  • We provide installations of alternative (the solution is mostly by busbar system, power by festoon track, cable drums, energy chains etc.)
  • Partnership with Street Crane Company, which manufactures hoists and crane components for over 70 years
  • Realization of jib cranes including the static assessment of floor
  • High quality and high speed of delivery
  • Ensuring servicing and care service
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