Portal cranes


Portal crane structure consists of a beam which is fixed to the uprights ("legs") gantry crane . At the end of one hundred yen are crane travel, frequently crossbars. Track rails crane are placed on the floor. For semi-gantry crane are called legs. Flyover = one supporting a trolley can be placed on the floor and a second different level - for example on the runway.


Gantry, semi gantry


Single girder capacities up to 25 tones, double girder capacities up to 50 tones


It is an alternative to a bridge crane, whose recovery depends on the possibilities of realization crane tracks or spatial possibilities of location of the object.

Key benefits of solution from company REMO CZ

  • All solutions according to client requirements
  • We provide installations of alternative (the solution is mostly by busbar system, power by festoon track, cable drums, energy chains etc.)
  • Partnership with Street Crane Company, which manufactures hoists and crane components for over 70 years
  • Realization of bridge cranes including crane tracks and geometric focus
  • High quality and high speed of delivery
  • Ensuring servicing and care service