Overhead cranes


The construction is made of beam, travel equipment and hoist, which according to the type of overhead crane underhung hoist or hoist set. The steel construction of the overhead cranes chosen like this guarantee safe handling with the material.


single girder, double girder, underhung


Single girder up to 25t, double girder up to 50t


In production and storage halls for handling with heavy loads across space defined by lifting hook, trolley travel and traversing the bridge.

The main advantages of the solution from Remo CZ company

  • All solutions according to client requirements
  • We provide installations of alternative (the solution is mostly by busbar system, power by festoon track, cable drums, energy chains etc.)
  • Partnership with Street Crane Company, which manufactures hoists and crane components for over 70 years
  • Realization of bridge cranes including crane tracks and geometric focus.
  • High quality and high speed of delivery
  • Ensuring follow-service care and safe systems of work

Life cycle of contracts for overhead cranes

Inquiry time T
Base quotation T + 1 working day
Inspection of the place for crane, Final quotation T + 3 working day
Manufacture and delivery to place of the mounting 8 weeks from order
Mounting 1 week
Inspections and tests, assignment crane and documentation with assembly