We are sole representation of the Street Crane Company for Czech Republic. We are seller of all products Street Crane and direct supplier od the spare parts.

Full crane KIT

Delivery of the complete crane kit which consists of hoists, traverse travel with motors, electrical components which are necessary for operation of the crane, power electric cables on the crane and other components, which are necessary for the manufacture and assembly of the crane. The only thing you need is a crane beam.

Lifting magnets

We suply lifting magnets WALMAG.

Hand manipulation

Magnetic handlers are for handle manipulation with metal plates, flame cut plates and other small metal pieces. (Types MC, HM-SM1, SM)

Lifting magnets NEOLIFT

Permanent lifting magnet. The magnet can be handled by one hand with lever. It is possible to use for circular and flat materials. Capacity is up to 2000kgs.

NEO-HV lifiting magnet

The set of the magnet Neolift with the lifting arm for rotation by 90°

Lifting magnets BM

Batery operated electromagnets with infrared remote control. Manipulation with flat material up to 5000 kgs.

Lifitngs magnets BMP

Batery operated electromagnets with infrared remote control. Manipulation with flat materials up to 3600 kgs and with circular materials up to 2200kgs.

Lifiting magnets NEO AIR

Liting magnet is controled by compressed air. The capacity for flat materials is 500kgs and for circular materials is 250kgs.

Lifting magnet NEO EP

NEO-EP offers a high level of safety thanks to a strong permanent magnet even in the case of poor handling service unsuitable for contact between the magnet and captured device.

Permanent crane magnet GP250

The GP250 crane magnet is a unique permanent magnet for handling sheet metal and steel plates in horizontal and vertical position. Capacity is 250kgs in horizontal position and 80kgs in vertical position.

Crane control

We provide cable pendant and radio control. Controling of the crane can be via push button or joystick control.

Components for cranes

Travel limit switches, capacity restrictors, load cells, electrical control panels, anti collisions, travel drivers of cranes, frequency inverters.

Accessories for manipulation

We manufacture and supply a wide range of devices for handling, including for example: hanging beams with hooks, supports of big bags, tongs for the roles and for cylindrical material, balancers, expanding mandrels, tilt the device. We also supply a separate vacuum manipulators (without air source), which is primarily used for handling sheets (operating CNC flame cutting / laser machines). As wholesalers, we offer better prices than the direct manufacturer.

Binding instruments

We supply the textile cleats, chain bonders, wire rope, hooks, clamps, shackles, shackles, etc.

Radio Remote Control

We supply and install radio remote control systems produced by ELFATEK company

Radio Remote Control EN SERIES

Unique and robust design of remote controllers provide comfortable operation of cranes, hoists and other devices. EN SERIES is known for its security, reliability and precision of controlling. EN SERIES offers a selection of 2 button up to 12 button control according to your needs. Remote control is equipped by security key protecting from unauthorized access or misuse.

Remote joystick control

Unique and robust design of remote joystick control provides comfortable operation of optional devices. Designed for use in heavy traffic thanks to its security, reliability, precision and longevity.