Other services

Training of crane operators and slingers

Only training operators with valid license can control the cranes. We are training crane operators and slingers.

Our long-term goal is provide comprehensive services including delivery and commission of the cranes. Besides basic services you can find the other services in our supply:

Assistance with realizations of the system of the safe work

There are much risks with using lifting devices. Each company has to make a "System of the safe work". which is definite, understandable and functional.

REMO CZ offers advise with this statutory rule.

Expert opinions

We offer expert opinions besides statutory requirements. For example safety, electrical installation etc.

Work on special machines

We can offer work on machines below:

  • Lathe R5
  • Lathe SU63
  • Horizontal boring mill H100A
  • Semi-automatic band saws for metal Bomar Workline 610.450 DGH with perpendicular cut up to 450 (610)mm

Survey and rectification of the crane track

The one part of our services is a survey of the crane track or hoist track. We check the state of the crane track and compare results with the norm. After evaluation we can do a repair or replacement of old track by new track.

Inspection of the cranes and hoists

Inspection electrical installation of the buildings, lighting conductors, tools, appliances


Manufacture of the metal constructions and metal work